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The Facts About PPI (what the banks don’t tell you!)

A Shocking Example

On a 5 year £10,000 loan at 6.5% the interest you pay would be £1700.00. The typical PPI on this loan would be... £3800.00! * Can you afford to give this to the banks?

It’s estimated that the banks make an enormous £5 billion profit on PPI policies every year. According to the Office of Fair Trading only 20% of the premiums paid are ever paid out in claims.

Financial staff are instructed to sell PPI policies when people apply for mortgages, loans or credit cards. These staff are HIGHLY TRAINED in ‘hard-sell’ techniques and often receive bonuses for selling the policies or get paid less if they don’t succeed. Why give the banks your hard-earned cash?

Many big banks have already been fined by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and many more will be in the future.

*This is the total compensation amount and our fees plus VAT will be deducted from this.

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 Example Refund!
On a 10 year loan having made 48 monthly payments of £400, the typical refund would be...
The above figures are based on a PPI payment set at 22%. PPI percentages vary greatly between 13% and 39%. This is the total compensation amount and our fees plus VAT will be deducted from this.
 Latest Fines
The FCA are continuing to crackdown on PPI misselling and have issued numerous fines to credit providers and retailers for malpractice.
Alliance & Leicester£7 Million
Liverpool Victoria£840,000
GE Capital Bank£610,000£455,000
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