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How it Works

Over the past 18 months we have been successfully assisting and recovering monies paid towards mis-sold PPI policies, together with statutory interest for its clients. We also insist that where the loan agreement is still ongoing, the PPI is removed so that our client is no longer making any further repayments towards it. Should your loan be regulated under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, be continuing and signed before 6 April 2007, we can also ask the Court to write off the remainder of the loan, so that you make no further loan payments, in addition. Where a broker is involved and does not inform you about the commission they will receive from the lending bank, we can also seek to recover a sum equivalent to this payment on this basis.

Our Reputation

We are extremely vigorous in our approach and have no hesitation in issuing County Court proceedings against the banks and brokers where we feel the borrower has a strong case that the PPI was mis-sold to them. We have found this approach is the fastest and most effective way to recover our clients' monies and has resulted in us being a market leader in the legal profession in this area.

The Process

Our process is simple and once we have your signed Letter of Authority to act on your behalf we do everything for you. All you need to do is contact us via our online application form or by giving us a call. Once we have all details relating to your claim(s) we will personally send a representative with a claim Pack who will help you with the forms for you to sign. We can not however give you any advice on how to fill the questionnaire forms as the questions on there must be answered honestly and to the best of your knowledge by you. We can alternatively send via the post if you do not want a representative of the solicitor calling round. This will consist of two documents per claim which need signing and returning to us, this is you authorising us to act on your behalf. You will also be sent a questionnaire for each claim you wish to submit, this our evidence against the lender and needs to be answered to the best of your knowledge before sending back. Please note that questionnaires must be completed by you and assistance can not be sought from our office or one of our representatives. Once your Legal Pack is returned signed and completed by you we prepare a Letter of Claim to your lender. Any negotiations are carried out by a member of our team who will oversee your claim right through to completion. So what are you waiting for? You could be owed thousands.

PPI - The Great Mis-Selling Debate - Are You a 'Victim'?

PPI ('Payment Protection Insurance') (or otherwise known as ASU or PPP) is a form of insurance that can maintain a borrower's loan repayments in such instances where they are unable to ordinarily make these payments due to being made redundant, off-work due to illness or following an accident. PPI is often sold by a bank or broker as an up-front single premium alongside the loan. These premiums can range from £500 right up to as high as £25,000!! Where a PPI policy is never successfully claimed upon it serves only to increase the amount a borrower lends and pays interest on, in addition to the loan itself. Over the past couple of years many banks and brokers have been massively mis-selling PPI policies alongside loans to thousands of vulnerable and unassuming borrowers. This has led to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Financial Ombudsman Service and lately, the Competition Commission, all making extensive investigations into this market and concluding that wide-spread mis-selling has occurred at an alarming rate and on an alarming scale! The Competition Commission has gone so far as to put forward proposals banning the sale of up-front single PPI premiums and of its sale immediately alongside a loan.

How It Is Mis-sold?

The most common form of mis-selling is where the PPI is made a condition of obtaining the loan i.e. a borrower is told that they cannot have the loan without the PPI. PPI is entirely optional and should have no influence on whether or not you get the loan. This is a classic example of banks and brokers using what the FCA refer to as 'point of sale advantage' they are aware of the borrower's real need to have the loan and wait until the very last minute before seeking to foist an insurance policy that was never requested (nor ever wanted) in the first place, onto a borrower who is not entirely sure what it is, yet is told they have to have it. In addition to this, banks and brokers also often fail to ask key information from a borrower before seeking to sell PPI, which often results in it being virtually useless. Such key information can include:

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 Example Refund!
On a 10 year loan having made 48 monthly payments of £400, the typical refund would be...
The above figures are based on a PPI payment set at 22%. PPI percentages vary greatly between 13% and 39%. This is the total compensation amount and our fees plus VAT will be deducted from this.
 Latest Fines
The FCA are continuing to crackdown on PPI misselling and have issued numerous fines to credit providers and retailers for malpractice.
Alliance & Leicester£7 Million
Liverpool Victoria£840,000
GE Capital Bank£610,000£455,000
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